Top Guitarists' Top Guitarists...

Brazilian rock magazine Roadie Crew has polled 330 of the world's top guitarists to find out who their, erm, top guitarists of all time are.

Loads of fancy widdlers from the likes of Guns N´ Roses, Kiss, Megadeth, Scorpions, Twisted Sister, Blue Öyster Cult, Heart, Uriah Heep, Yes and Dio were asked to name their own personal favourite six-string merchants.

The Top 20 results are as follows:

01. Jimi Hendrix

02. Eddie Van Halen

03. Yngwie J. Malmsteen

04. Randy Rhoads

05. Ritchie Blackmore

06. Jimmy Page

07. Tony Iommi

08. Steve Vai

09. Jeff Beck

10. Michael Schenker

11. David Gilmour

12. Dimebag Darrell

13. Allan Holdsworth

14. Uli Jon Roth

15. Angus Young

16. James Hetfield

17. Brian May

18. Marty Friedman

19. Joe Satriani

20. Jason Becker

Why not tell us your Top 10 below? You can view the full 50 HERE