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In the words of the (almost literally) immortal Mick Jagger,
please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Matt Parker, I´m Total Guitar´s new staff
writer and I have been given the exciting task of making this here blog page
better than it is at the moment.

Having started my own punk-zine website at the tender age of
16, I have somehow wound up doing this sort of thing for a living. Other things
I have done include university, playing and singing loud and/or out of tune in
various garage rock/punk bands and writing reviews, news and interviews for anyone
that lets me. That´s probably enough about me, on to the task in hand:

As many of you have no doubt noticed, the TG website is a
little… erm… neglected. Since the launch of the world wide inter-web (as I
believe it is termed) it´s become increasingly apparent that the net is
actually a good thing. It´s become so big that even very, very important
journalist-types - such as ourselves - can´t ignore it.

Over the coming weeks we plan to transform this space from
an arid wasteland into a shiny new recreational area. Kind of like a channel 4
documentary, but without the patronising moralistic resolution.

Expect to find all sorts of bits and bobs that we can´t
squeeze into the monthly magazine, along with news updates, videos of people
doing stupid and/or amazing things and general guitar-related time-wastery.

Rumour has it that there´s even a website re-design on the
way in the not too distant future…

Anyway, as always, this is YOUR MAGAZINE, so get in touch!
Comment, tell us what you like, what you don´t like (be nice, it´s my first
day) and what you´d like to see from the website and magazine.