Spector and Winehouse Top Halloween Costumes!

Without wishing to turn our blog into a daily update on Amy Winehouse, she and weirdo-producer Phil Spector are the prime inspiration for Halloween costumes this year, according to LA news brief, The Rundown. Spector takes this years top spot as the ultimate Celebrity Murder Suspect costume, ahead of the now retro OJ Simpson. The Rundown think Spector's frightful wigs are a natural fit for the Halloween season. Winehouse, who looks frankly bloody awful of late thanks to her alleged penchant for booze and drug-fuelled benders, follows a close second. Other musicians to make the list include the Drunk David Hasselhoff, which only requires a fast food burger (no shirt needed), Paris-ite Hilton and couple costume set Kanye West and 50 Cent. So there.