Slash Vs Fergie And Priest Covering Berry: Is There No End To This Guff?

Sometimes it's all you can do to stop from locking yourself in a small room and repeatedly banging your head against a sharp metal grate... especially when you witness the utter dross to which we are about to subject you.

Continuing along our highly controversial theme of the Worst Covers Ever, we have now got two more ocean-going abominations for you to contemplate committing bloody murder over.

The first concerns the wannabe-rock exploits of Fergie, the delectable but hugely-misguided Black Eyed Peas vocalist. Amazingly, she has set time aside from singing about her lady lumps during her live sets to grace us with a cover of Guns N' Roses classic 'Sweet Child O Mine.' Even more amazingly, she has somehow managed to kidnap, drug and entice Slash into willingly joining her on stage to partake in this Godless act of atrophied shite.


As if this weren't enough, witness leathery metal dinosaurs Judas Priest botching their way through a cover of the Chuck Berry standard Johnny Be Goode. What a shower of divs.

We don't care how kick-ass their twin guitar foibles are or how many times you have stood up for exciter, even the most rabid diehard fan from the backstreets of Dudley can;t deny that Priest have gone Judas with this one:

Call us cynical, but we now wouldn't be surprised to hear Lamb Of God covering Christina Aguilera before long.