Save Venue magazine!

Save venue magazine

Save venue magazine

A quick one for all our Bristol and Bath-based readers… 'Venue' magazine faces closure. Your local guide to arts and entertainment will shut up shop next month, unless we can affect a dramatic, last-minute reverse in its copy sales.

If this was a movie, these words would be accompanied by a drum roll, feint in the background initially then rising to a stirring crescendo, voiced over thus: "Your local guide to arts, entertainment and going out needs you! Do your local community a favour and buy a copy today! Tell your friends! Tell everyone! United we can make a difference."

Beat that, Spielberg! But seriously, if 'Venue' were to close it would leave a massive, gaping hole in our local cultural scene (what about all those gig listings, eh?), so please do join our campaign to save it.

When culture and jobs are at stake, we, as musicians and music fans, ought to do something about it. Buy 'Venue' magazine and head to the 'Venue' website to show your support.