Save 6Music

As we write about music quite a bit (and kindly postmen

bring us piles of jiffy bag-packed CDs everyday), we don´t get to listen to the

radio that often. And when we do, it´s increasingly dominated by X Factor alumni.

Perhaps we shouldn´t be surprised then that one of the final
bastions of great radio is now under threat.

We are of course referring to BBC 6Music and, like the rest
of the music industry, we´ve been hit by the sudden Joni Mitchell-esque
realisation that you don´t know what you´ve got till it´s gone.

We´d therefore like to toss in our two-pence and urge all of
you to sign the petitions, go to the gigs, email those in charge and just
generally let the BBC aristocracy know how you feel.

For our part, while we´re aware there´s a recession on, TG
would much rather they cut the talent shows than the talent platforms.


The Total Guitar Team

Matthew Parker

Matt is a freelance journalist who has spent the last decade interviewing musicians for the likes of Total Guitar, Guitarist, Guitar World, MusicRadar,, DJ Mag and Electronic Sound. In 2020, he launched, which aims to share the ideas that make creative lifestyles more sustainable. He plays guitar, but should not be allowed near your delay pedals.