Launches Cool New Rock T-Shirts

If you're looking for the very best in cool high-quality T-shirts from retro rock to modern metal, made for rock fans by rock fans, check out

Founder Howard Johnson (HoJo) used to edit TG's sister mag Metal Hammer and set up the UK original rock tee shirt site with the help of some of the big rock photographers.

Girls With Guitars T-Shirt

Saltyrockz is self-financed and a real labour of love: "The idea was always to make the kind of rock T-shirts that we'd be proud to wear ourselves," says Hojo. "That meant producing shirts that were truly original, of excellent quality and which always reflected our own passion for the music and the people who make it.


"We're not about cashing in on the latest trend. We've all worked in the rock world as designers, journalists, musicians and photographers. And we work on the principle that if a design gets us excited then it'll get you excited too!"