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Rotosound Double Deckers - Exciting Guitar String News!

Rotosound has announced the launch of Double Decker guitar string

Ok, so we lied. It´s not that exciting, but now that you´re
here we can just give you the facts: Rotosound has hit upon the revolutionary
idea of packaging two sets of guitar strings in one pack, thereby saving 70 per cent
packaging and, err, “some” per cent of the environment. In addition, the
average guitar-y consumer-type will save approximately 20 per cent of their
hard-won, easily-frittered cash on a price per pack basis.

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Rotosound Double Deckers will be available in .009 and .010 gauges
and should start popping up in music emporiums from March onwards.

Thanks to Rotosound, it´s now 20 per cent cheaper to be
these idiots…