PRS SE 245 Quilt Top guitar series unveiled

We raved about the originals, but say hello to the PRS SE 245 Quilt Top series. Exclusive to the UK, they feature the same 24.5 inch scale-length, but with the kind of fine finishes usually reserved for visiting royalty.

The limited edition range has an MSRP of £699 and will be available in six finishes: Whale Blue, Black Cherry, Grey Black, Vintage Natural, Purple Burst and Dark Cherry Sunburst (pictured left to right above).

PRS has produced just 20 of each finish and a representative at Headline Music (PRS' UK distributor) told TG that they were already seeing orders from Michigan and California, so we reckon they're going to be in high demand.

The PRS SE 245 takes its name from its shorter 24.5-inch scale-length (as opposed to the 25 inch found on the firm's other models). So now you know.

Matthew Parker

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