Peavey Butcher amp arrives in the UK – finally!

The Peavey Butcher head, originally unveiled at NAMM 2010, is finally set to arrive in the UK following a spate of delays.

It's hardly new ground for the reputable amp-maker, but the two-channel, 100 watt head is aimed at players after more 'classic' tones and looks like it will offer enough features to set it apart from the rest of the Peavey stable.

For a start, both channels feature an in-built, footswitch-able gain boost, which should please shredders, as well as a '12-Way Punch Selector', which as far as we can tell ahead of getting 'hands on', is basically a quick low-end EQ.

Inside, the amp runs on 12AX7 preamp tubes (five in total) and four EL34 power amp tubes. There's also a mic-emulating XLR lineout and a lineout with level control, an active effects loop and a half power switch.

The U.S.-made Peavey Butcher has been given an MSRP of £1,549 and is available now. Keep an eye out for a full review in a future issue of TG.

Matthew Parker

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