Pearl Jam Vs Alice In Chains... The Debate Rages On!

It's been almost 20 years since we were introduced to grunge - America's reaction to the pomp of 80s hair metal - and two of its biggest survivors are soon to go head to head in the albums charts all over again...

Both Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains are releasing new albums on 22 and 29 September respectively, entitled
Backspacer and Black Gives Way To Blue.

For AIC and guitarist Jerry Cantrell, it's their first album of original material since 1995. Pearl Jam's last effort was their critically approved self-titled number in 2006.

The bands previously came up against each other in 1991's charts with their breakthrough records, Pearl Jam's 'Ten' and AIC's 'Dirt'.

Which release are you most excited about? Could you, indeed, care less? Check out both new singles, AIC's 'A Looking In View' and Pearl Jam's 'The Fixer' below and tell us what you think...