NAMM 2012: Joe Bonamassa signature Cry Baby wah pedal

NAMM 2012: In what might very well be the first of the NAMM 2012 products to be unveiled, the Joe Bonamassa signature Cry Baby wah, has been added to the guitarist's webstore.

The pedal isn't currently listed on Dunlop's site or available in shops yet, but we reckon the manufacturer's holding out for January's NAMM show, before it officially unveils the product.

As you can see the obvious aesthetic difference between the Bonamassa signature Cry Baby and its 'stock' sister is a rather attractive copper top finish, which we reckon could prove desirable enough to entice non-Bonamassa fans too.

Inside the pedal there are some key differences as well, with vintage-style 'thru-hole' components giving it a handmade feel, a Halo inductor, a true-bypass switch and an extended 'vocal sweep range', which should give the Cry Baby greater expressive capabilities. At least, that's the sales spiel.

Super-keen JoBo fans can pre-order the pedal from his website for $169.99, including a free Joe Bonamassa signature Cry Baby tshirt, which is useful if you like to express your wah choice through the medium of fashion.

If you're feeling particularly wah-y, but don't know the difference between a fasel and a funk lick, then head over to our gallery Best Wah Pedals gallery.

Matthew Parker

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