Malakian: Scars On Broadway Not A Side Project

System Of A Down guitarist Daron Malakian has reiterated that his new band Scars On Broadway is not a side project, and that there are no future plans for a new System record.

Malakian formed Scars with SOAD drummer John Dolmayan soon after System went on an indefinite hiatus back in 2006.

"There's no talk of System doing anything," Malakian told "If anyone's holding their breath for a System record, they're going to turn blue and pass out. It's a long ways away, if it ever even happens. We don't even talk about it — none of us. This is my band right now."

Malakian is wrapping up the vocals on Scars On Broadway's forthcoming self-titled album, which he expects in stores after the summer.

Since SOAD split frontman Serj Tankian has enjoyed success with his debut solo record Elect The Dead, released last October on his own Serjical Strike label.