John Mayer Does It For The Kids – 11 Year-Old Fan Joins Him Onstage

John Mayer has dragged himself through the mill a bit recently, what with offending just about every ‘demographic´ possible in his now infamous Playboy interview. And to a lesser extent, by claiming he invented A minor in his equally infamous (probably) (TG interviewTG199

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However, it seems the


blues guitarist melted his critics´ icy hearts when he invited an 11 year-old fan onstage to play with him at his recent Philadelphia show.

Apparently, the young guitarist, Austin Christy, turned up at the show with a sign asking “Can I play ‘Belief´ with you?” It worked and to cut a slightly lengthy story short, he wound up not only playing with Mayer, but also with a signed Squire guitar.

Check it out below. The kid just takes it in his stride!

Matthew Parker

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