Is Ozzy Dumping Zakk Wylde For John 5?

Zakk Wylde

has finally reacted to



Ozzy Osbourne

is replacing him with a new guitarist.

In a recent interview with TG sister mag Classic Rock, Ozzy revealed he was replacing his guitarist of 22 years with former Marilyn Manson man John 5.

Zakk claims he hasn;t heard from Ozzy since and is still in the dark on the situation. Talking to a US radio station, he said: "The boss [Ozzy] hasn't even given me a phone call, so... I don't know what's going on over there. Are we doing this thing or are we not doing it?"

Zakk insisted there was no bad blood between himself and Ozzy: "I love Ozzy. But if you don't wanna do it, then just give me a heads-up. Call me, man. Tell me what the hell's going on."

Zakk stressed he still plans to complete work on Osbourne's upcoming studio album in September: "We're working on the new record, we'll be back in September, we'll work on finishing the record. And then we're supposed to do the tour. I mean, it's like, dude, you don't wanna play with me anymore? Fine. Play with whoever the hell you wanna play with. I couldn't give a rat's ass. Like I'm gonna get all jealous or whatever. But you know what?! Man up and give me a phone call and tell me what the hell's going on. You finished with me? Cool."

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