Hard Rock Park To Open!

A new Hard Rock Theme Park featuring a Led Zeppelin rollercoaster among its attractions is scheduled to open in the US next Spring!

The 140-acre theme park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina boasts more than 40 attractions for rockers of all ages, including rollercoasters, a multi-purpose live music amphitheatre and and ultra-modern sound system specifically developed for the project.

The top attraction will be Led Zeppelin - The Ride which will tower more than 150 feet into the sky and serve as a landmark that will help travelers pinpoint Hard Rock Park whether arriving by air or land.

The ride is most notable for the iconic relationship with band members Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones, who have contributed to all aspects of Led Zeppelin - The Ride, including the ride's name, logo and overall look and feel of the vehicles.

Located in the Park's Rock & Roll Heaven zone, the signature steel roller coaster will thrill riders with a six-and-a-half minute experience, partially over water. Reaching speeds of 65 mph, the coaster will boast six breathtaking inversions, the largest of which will be a 120-foot loop.

Every moment of the ride, including thrilling drops and loops, is timed to Led Zeppelin's hit single 'Whole Lotta Love,' creating an unprecedented adrenaline rush rivaled only by a live Zep concert!

The experience will begin in a huge silver airship, which is designed to make guests feel as if they are stepping onto the cover of the band's debut album. Once inside, band-related murals and props will adorn the walls, while music and videos play throughout the queue, leading to a "studio" area where guests will be treated to a moving, multimedia show before climbing aboard the coaster. As the ride begins its initial ascent, excitement will build in time with 'Whole Lotta Love,' which is pumped into each car, thanks to a high-fidelity on-board audio system.

Watch video footage of the first public test run here: http://videos.myrtlebeachonline.com/vmix_hosted_apps/video/1603162