Free Track Friday: Free MP3 downloads from Mogwai, Les Savy Fav and more!

How do you feel about free MP3 downloads from Les Savy Fav, Mogwai, Attack! Attack!, Calories and Mojo Fury? On second thoughts, don't answer that. They're free, so you've got no right to complain…

**Track of the week**

Les Savy Fav - Let's Get Out Of Here

Les savy fav free mp3 download

Les savy fav free mp3 download

Art-punk is a term that conjures up ideas of men in rubber suits tarring and feathering each other while a ten second white-noise clip loops endlessly in the background. Fortunately, much like Meatloaf, Les Savy Fav won't do that. What they will do is show you how to make conventional instrumentation sound original. And write great songs - like this one from new album 'Root For Ruin'.

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Mogwai - 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong (Right-click to download)

Mogwai are one of those bands that people tend to forget they like. That's not to talk them down at all, but on paper instrumental guitar bands can seem a little unappealing. This cut from their forthcoming live album 'Special Moves' should give you a gentle nudge back to the fold.

Attack! Attack! - No Excuses

Ahem. *cough* JIMMY EAT WORLD *cough *. Well, there's definitely a certain 'Bleed American' influence at work here, but that's no bad thing in our book, which is why we're glad that there's a new album on the way.

Calories - You Could Be Honest (Right-click to download)

Wholesome indie-rock goodness, also for fans of quality punk music from the early 90s. If you don't know what we're talking about, it's because we're into bands that only put out one seven-inch, which then got deleted and only plays if you know the password. Or something.

Mojo Fury - Deep Fish Tank (Right-click to download)

A heart-chilling slice of alienated buzz-saw garage-punk with occasional metal leanings. Think 'stoner version of Future Of The Left' and you'll almost be on the right lines.

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