Fender Launches Billy Corgan Signature Stratocaster


Fender has launched a Billy Corgan signature Stratocaster designed to mimic the tone used on his classic Smashing Pumpkins recordings.

Corgan told reporters: "The versatility of this instrument is what impresses me and is why I'm really excited about this model. This guitar has both a Strat articulation and enough low-end heavy metal sound to get the 'Sabbath' out of the guitar I want.

"My greatest go-to guitar got stolen at a Pumpkins club date in 1991, and I've always struggled since then to find a guitar that was my guitar. I'm really pleased with this model's versatility, which I need because I'm playing music from a seventeen year period of the Pumpkins' history - from spacey early stuff to grunge to all-out cyber metal, then back to ballads."