Dave Grohl Talks Foo Fighters' Future In Rhythm

Those of you looking forward to a new Foo Fighters album may be waiting some time, according to a new interview with Dave Grohl in



Referring to his multiple side-projects, Grohl told the drum magazine, “Those escape trap doors are important, because the longevity of the Foo Fighters is based on the theory that we don´t have to be doing this and we should never take it for granted."

“So when you see it get to the level that it did at Wembley [in 2008], the first thing I thought was not, ‘Gosh, we are the biggest, greatest band in the world,´ it was, ‘We have to stop this before it disappears.´”

Grohl also implies that fans should expect a "long break" before their next effort.

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Matthew Parker

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