CLOSED Win a Peavey Vypyr half-stack worth £800!

Amp modelling has come a long way over the last decade, but as flexible as it can be, some guitarists still crave the subtle glow and classic break-up of valves. The Vypyr Tube 120H head gives you both, and thanks to its makers, Peavey, we're giving you the chance to win a Vypyr half stack.

It's loaded with 24 amp models, 22 effects, and global reverb and delay, and the entire sound runs through a quartet of 6L6GC power amp valves (the same ones that are used in Peavey's renowned 6505 amps) for an output power of 120 watts.

As well as the core amp and effect models, the Tube 120H also provides an onboard looper, tuner and USB interface. The amp comes bundled with a demo of Peavey's ReValver HP amp modelling plug-in, and Cockos Reaper recording software. Of course, you'll need a cab to go with it, so Peavey has completed the prize by throwing in a bowel-rattling Windsor 4x12.

To enter this month's competition head to and answer the question below correctly.

Which of these Peavey models is a metal amp icon?

Nashville 112
Rage 258

PLEASE NOTE: Under 18s must obtain parental consent to enter this competition and be able to demonstrate this to Total Guitar's reasonable satisfaction.

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