Blog Of The Week: Fretbase

TG's second blog of the week (we're old hands at this now) is guitar blog/social network Fretbase.

We think Fretbase is worth a look for the rather unique way it allows its users to interact with the site. Not only can you create your own profile and pick your personal gear lists from their archive (not to mention desired purchases), you can also add your own reviews, photos and videos for each item.

The site is run by guitar enthusiasts Brian Stolte and Dave Mandelbrot. "Dave and I were co-workers at a big internet company that both shared a passion for guitars," Brian told TG.

"We decided our next project should be something that married our passion with our profession and out of that came Fretbase. We wanted to build a comprehensive database of guitars that anyone could contribute to and to build a thriving community of guitarists helping each other."

Brian reckons that Fretbase seems to be getting on its feet now: "It's a growing community that has been a lot of fun to work on," he says. "Hopefully in the future Fretbase will be one of the places you'll stop by for a visit when you're thinking about that next guitar."

Check out Fretbase and make sure you head back this way for more of TG's Blogs Of The Week.

Blog of the week fretbase

Blog of the week fretbase
Matthew Parker

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