Video: Who's your favourite celebrity drummer?

Jamie Oliver, when he's not working on his rudiments
Jamie Oliver, when he's not working on his rudiments (Image credit: Neville Elder/Corbis)

Those darn celebrities, they've got it all - money, fame, power, and some of them can even play a bit behind the kit.

In honour of the A-listers that have put in the hours with the sticks in their hands, we've rounded up some clips of our favourites.But who's the finest celebrity sticksman? Judge for yourself and let us know below.

Jamie Oliver

The chicken nugget-hating chef is well known as being an amateur drummer, and you can check out his percussion skills in the video below.

Jeremy Clarkson

After seven drum lessons, everyone's favourite loud-mouthed, controversial-for-the-sake-of-being-controversial buffoon Clarkson backed the Top Gear boys and Justin Hawkins all in the name of charity. We've got to admit, it's not the tightest of playing, is it?

Rick Astley

Rick Astley. Playing drums. Singing 'Song 2'. Say no more.

Norman Wisdom

Comedian. Actor. Singer. All-round national treasure. You can add drummer to Norman Wisdom's CV.

Al Murray

Not only is Al Murray a right old funny bloke, he is also pretty handy with a pair of sticks. Want proof? Check this clip below of Al laying out some chops on an impressive Natal double kick kit.

Petr Cech

Now that he's been displaced as Chelsea's Number One could there be a career move on the way for Petr Cech? He's got nice touch for a big lad.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Cech isn't the only footballer that's handy with the sticks. Peter Schmeichel is known to have done a bit of woodshedding in his time, Dion Dublin is a percussion maestro and even Wayne Rooney is reported to have taken a lesson or two. The latest to add his name to this growing list is Arsenal and England winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. He's even bucked the trend by opting for an e-kit. A forward thinking forward, obviously.

Rich Chamberlain

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