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Clutch sticksman Jean-Paul Gaster has revealed the secret behind why the band is loving life so much at the minute.

He told that a lack of label interference is the cause of all that joy.

He said: "It's fantastic. It's really great! Running a label on our own really takes a bit weight off our shoulders. Pretty much for the entire life of the band, there's always been a struggle with labels.

"So, when you can take that out of the picture, it makes everything we do so much easier. It really makes it a lot more fun. We were having fun before, but now we're really having fun!"

Looking for a bargain? Pick up a Zildjian Cast cymbal next month and you can claim a free batch of goodies.

Purchases of the bronze metals between 1 August and 30 September will allow buyers to also walk away with a Zildjian T-shirt and a pair of sticks. For more information check in with your local Zildjian dealer.

A super rare track featuring Mike Portnoy is set to see the light of day after 25 years in the vaults.

The song, which sees the Dream Theater man link up with punk metaller SA Adams, was recorded between December 1985 and January 1986, shortly before Portnoy stepped up his work with Majesty (later to become Dream Theater).

More on how and when you can get your hands on the track as and when we get it.

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