Rhythm Hot Band: Spirytus



Band: Spirytus

Drummer: Ben McAlonan

Who are they: Limp Bizkit-backed Nottingham five-piece breathing fresh life into nu metal.

Sound like: They mean business!

Why you should check them out? Thankfully not just because Fred Durst told you to. While the red hated prince of nu metal may have sung the band's praises (even inviting frontman Ryan Walton on stage with him at a 2009 gig, which you can see below), there's far more appeal to Spirytus than some heavyweight backing.

Walton is undoubtedly a talented vocalist - effortlessly lurching from a grunge-esque tone to a full on scream - but Ben McAlonan's breakneck double bass skills more than play their part in giving the band their rough and ready sound. The band's in your face attitude is perhaps non more evident that on their face-melting cover of the Prodigy's 'Breathe', which is somehow even more soaked in attitude than the original. Mr Durst would be very proud.

Go to: www.myspace.com/spirytus

Download: 'Bulletride'

Rich Chamberlain

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