Rhythm Hot Band: Slaves To Gravity

Slaves to gravity

Slaves to gravity

Band: Slaves To Gravity

Drummer: Jason Bowld

Who are they? UK hard rockers rising from the ashes of nearlymen the GaGas with Rhythm's-own Jason Bowld on skins.

Sounds like: Hard hittin' tunes in the vein of Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains.

Why should you check them out? Aside from having an awesome drummer, you mean? Well, because things are just starting to take off for Slaves To Gravity, and we reckon they'll be no stopping them.

Having bagged recent support slots with Lacuna Coil and Alter Bridge, the Slaves are getting their distortion drenched sound to the masses. Jason's heavy as ever drum work underpins the riff-laden angst, with Jase's arrival in the band coinciding with their rapid ascent. Coincidence? Or the sign of what an awesome drummer can do? We'll go for the latter.

Go to: www.myspace.com/slavestogravityofficial

Download: 'Last Ignition'

Rich Chamberlain

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