Rhythm Hot Band: Never Means Maybe

Never means maybe

Never means maybe

Band: Never Means Maybe

Drummer: Drew Steane

Who are they? The UK's latest batch of post-hardcoresters that are set to bring anger to the masses.

Sounds like: Funeral For A Friend going back to their roots.

Why should you check them out? Because their Celebrate With Cyanide Laced Champagne EP is one of the most exciting UK debuts since Funeral For A Friend's hype-inducing Between Order And Model. The similarities don't end there. Since forming in 2005, Chelmsford's Never Means Maybe have honed a sound built around syncopated riffage and monstrous drum work.

Drummer Drew Steane shows off some mouth-watering chops on EP opener 'Output: Listen', thanks to a barrage of double bass and even the hint of a blast beat. The track's crystal clear drum sound also helps, with cymbals and kick pedal cutting through perfectly.

With a new EP and video in the works and high profile slots at Sonisphere and T in the Park on the way, these boys are finally hitting their stride and we can't wait for their debut album to drop.

Go to: www.myspace.com/nevermeansmaybe

Download: 'Output: Listen'

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