Rhythm Hot Band: Francesqa



Band: Francesqa

Drummer: Warren Senior

Who are they? Blink-182-backed Oxfordshire five-piece going places quickly.

Sounds like: The latest in an encouragingly long line of hotly-tipped Brit rockers.

Why should you check them out? This time last year Young Guns were the great hope for British rock for the 12 months ahead. Since then Ben Jolliffe and co have dropped a storming album and gone from strength to strength, rising from underground contenders to full-on heavyweight challengers.

As 2010 draws to a close, Francesqa similarly stand on the cusp of greatness. With a string of sold-out shows this month and an EP re-release coming in February, the next few months will determine just whether Warren Senior's crunching beats make it out to the masses, but with tracks as strong as the Canterbury-meets-Paramore 'Ghosts, it's hard to see how they'll fail.

Go to: www.myspace.com/francesqa

Download: 'Ghosts'

Rich Chamberlain

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