Rhythm Hot Band: Beatsteaks



Band: Beatsteaks

Drummer: Thomas Götz

Who are they? Supercharged German punks still rockin' at full pelt after 15 years.

Sounds like: A harder-edged Hives raised on Bad Religion and Black Flag.

Why should you check them out? Not many bands can boast opening for a bunch of bona fide legends just ten shows into their career. Beatsteaks can do exactly that, having backed the Sex Pistols in 1996, just months after forming in their native Germany.

All of which makes perfect sense really, since Thomas Götz and co come bursting out of Berlin with raw power reminiscent of that of the Pistols in their '70s heyday. Latest album Limbo Messiah is an absolute beast of a record, filled with crunching hooks and scattergun beats that show that 14 years after their big break the Euro punk five-piece haven't lost any of their bite. And for that we are very, very thankful.

Go to: www.beatsteaks.com

Download: 'Sharp, Cool and Collected'

Rich Chamberlain

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