Meet The RhythmFest Tutors Part One: Karl Brazil

With the weeklong drum tuition feast that is Rhythmfest on the way this summer, we caught up with three of the event´s key tutors to get the lowdown on what attendees can expect.

First up is Karl Brazil, who took time out from his busy schedule of playing some of the most sought-after session gigs, and of course writing his Rhythm diary, to tell us a little about his background and what he has lined up for his classes at the show.

What are your current projects?
Robbie Williams, Feeder/Renegades, James Blunt.”

What was your first gig?
First paid gig was when I was 10. I think they must have tried everyone else that Saturday night at short notice before me.”

When did you start playing, and who were your biggest influences when you were starting out?
When I was a young boy I was listening to Jeff Porcaro, Phil Rudd, Phil Gould, Don Henley and John Robinson. I had my first toy kit at the age of 2 and a half.”

What is the most important thing you´ve learnt, perhaps something which changed your approach to playing?
Most of my learning is done by listening. To relax, keep time and make it all feel groovy was the most important thing I ever learnt.”

What advice would you give to young or new players wanting to get gigs?
Forget it… no I´m joking. Practice, play and listen to as many kinds of different music as you can.”

What is the one thing a student should bring to Rhythmfest?
Their ears.”

What are you going to be covering in your masterclass?
Groove, time keeping, variety, simplicity and sound.”

What are the essential things a new drummer be spending their limited budget on?
A good snare, pedal, cymbals and heads.”

Rhythmfest takes place in Cheltenham between 31 July and 6 August. For more information visit here.