Led Zeppelin coming to cinemas across the UK

Led zep

Led zep

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Miss out on tickets to Led Zeppelin's hotter than hot reunion gig back in 2007? Well, now you can finally see it for yourself.

The band's performance at the O2 Arena is being screened in theatres from 17 October, with a DVD and CD of the show going on sale on 19 November.

You can check a full list of cinemas showing the gig here.

The show, of course, featured Jason Bonham on drums. Back in the August 2011 issue of Rhythm we asked Jason about getting behind the kit for Zeppelin.

On working with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, he said: "They're just two guys that half of the time I spent with going, 'Wow, that's so cool.' Jimmy occasionally would tell me to stop being such a fan. I couldn't help it. Do you know what it's like to call someone up and when they ask what band you're working with and say John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page?"

Rich Chamberlain

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