Lars Ulrich: New Metallica live album was 'no-brainer'

Lars ulrich

Lars ulrich

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Lars Ulrich has described Metallica's decision to turn an intimate warm-up show into a live album as a 'no brainer'.

The opinionated sticksman told The Pulse of Radio why the album, which is being sold only though around 700 independent music stores as an offshoot of the annual Record Store Day, appealed so much to the chest-beating thrash legends.

He said: "Pretty much all of my musical inspirations and roots can be traced back to independent record stores, where I sort of put my whole collection together, so when they asked us if we would release the Grimey's performance, it was what we call a no-brainer.

"So people that are interested in getting this and supporting the independent record stores, the mom-and-pop record stores, I mean it definitely has that kind of good vibe to it."

Live at Grimey's was recorded in front of just 175 fans back in 2008, just before the 'Tallica went and did what they do best a few days later - blitzed a show-stopping performance in front of tens of thousands at the Bonnaroo Festival.

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