John Dolmayan talks the future of System of a Down



© Stacy Kranitz/Corbis

System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan has spoken out about the future of the hugely influential metallers.

The drummer spoke to Multishow about the possibility of a new System album.

He said: "We're gonna take it day by day. We still have a few more shows to do in South America — we're playing in Buenos Aires and we're playing Santiago, so we're looking forward to that. And then we're gonna home."

Dolmayan revealed that the band are set to take a break over the festive period and he expects frontman Serj Tankian to take time out to work on a new solo record next year.

"So you might see System touring next summer, you might not," Dolmayan added. "But for the people who are waiting for an album — I know there's a lot of people waiting for an album; I'm waiting for an album just like they are. It's gonna happen when it's right and when we can make something that tops what we've done in the past.

"Because we don't really wanna rest on our laurels — where what you've done in the past is what you depend on. Well, I don't wanna do that, and I know the rest of the guys don't wanna do that. Instead of resting on our laurels, we wanna throw them away and create something new and specific for this generation that they can say that's their System of a Down."

System of a Down reunited earlier this year after five years away.

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