James Hetfield: Lars 'likes people putting his socks on'

Lars ulrich

Lars ulrich

© RD / Dziekan / Retna Digital/Corbis

Lars Ulrich likes someone to put his socks on for him before gigs, according to Metallica frontman James Hetfield.

ContactMusic reports that during a Norwegian TV interview, Hetfield gave an insight into a day in the life of Metallica.

He said: "I feel better when people are away from me and I can get into my own space; then Lars - he likes people plugging in his earphones, putting his socks on, all of this stuff."

While backstage at a Metallica gig may be filled with people to fulfil these important jobs, one thing you probably won't find is any booze.

Hetfield added: "My rider is pretty different than it was ten years ago.

"Then it was, 'This vodka, that beer. That's it'. Now it's more, 'These fruits, these vegetables for our smoothies, and a certain kind of tea'."