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Drum sales hit all time high

Drum sales are at their highest mark ever according to statistics released today by the Music Industries Association (MIA). Drum sales, which have doubled since 2000, soared to £41 million this year, whilst other instrument sales remain stable.

This sales growth can largely be attributed to more affordable, high-quality acoustic drum kits, and the rise in popularity of the electronic drum kit - which constitutes over half of total sales. Furthermore, improved music provision in schools, and enlightened attitudes to teaching rock and pop genres as part of the music syllabus, have ensured that drums are increasingly popular amongst the younger generation.

John Booth, MD of Roland UK, a leading drum manufacturer, commented: “We have seen drum sales increase year on year for the last ten. But this year has been unprecedented - in October our drum sales eclipsed piano sales for the first time ever.”

Scott Lewis at Sound Attak, a leading UK drum store in Colchester, added to this: “November has been our best month since we started trading 12 years ago - rock bands are back in fashion and it´s cooler than ever to be a drummer.”

The MIA´s data, taken from import and export statistics, provides the definitive sales trends, average prices and unit volume sales for musical instruments throughout the UK.