Drum Guru signs with Premier

Martin ranscombe

Martin ranscombe

Drumming clinician and educator Martin Ranscombe ('The Drum Guru') has signed an endorsement deal with Premier Music International and RWS Drums & Percussion.

"Like many drummers born and raised in the UK, I spent many youthful hours checking out the big-name Premier players and pouring over catalogues," says Martin. "My first kit was Premier and I'm very excited to be getting behind Premier once more. It's going to be great fun 'taking it to the masses' and finally realising a boyhood dream!"

Craig Buckley, Managing Director of RWS Drums and Percussion, Premier's UK distributors, comments: "Martin is a drummer of great renown across the world and the fact that his experience and ability extends to much more than simply playing the drums was a large factor in putting this agreement together. We look for endorsers that can bring more than just playing ability and TV exposure to the brand, we are always on the look out for true drum professionals who can add value to the brand by imparting many aspects of advice and coaching that will be seen as essential and useful information for drummers who we hope aspire to own Premier Drums as a direct result of seeing such dedicated and established professionals as Martin choosing to own and play our drums. Martin is quite rightly applauded for his approach to drum tuning and indeed covering all aspects of drumming from basic set up to extremely advanced playing techniques. We look forward to working with Martin on his forthcoming projects and are delighted that he chose Premier as his weapon of choice."

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