Dave Grohl to tell John Bonham story

Dave grohl

Dave grohl


Fancy sharing your bank holiday weekend with two bonafide drumming legends? Well now thanks to the BBC, you can! Dave Grohl will tell the story of John Bonham on 31 May in a BBC 6 Music special.

Grohl, a self-confessed Bonzo fanatic, will trace the Led Zep legend's roots from his first steps in the drum world right up to his tragic death in 1980.

The 60-minute show airs at 15:00 on Monday and we reckon the combination of Grohl and Bonzo means it's well worth cutting the bank holiday BBQ short and dusting off the wireless for an insight into the life of one of drumming's brightest ever stars.

Drummers are basking in the BBC's spotlight of late, after the recent, and excellent, I'm In A Rock 'n' Roll Band devoted an entire edition to sticksmen. Long may it continue, we say.

Rich Chamberlain

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