Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins cause earthquake



© Paul Hebert / Icon SMI ./Retna Ltd./Corbis

We always thought Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins were god-like figures, but this is ridiculous.

A recent Foo Fighters gig in New Zealand was so almighty it sparked fears of an earthquake.

According to the Geonet Blog, their were indications of quake-like activity during the 13 December gig.

The blog says: "The concert vibrations were recorded as a semi continuous harmonic signal with a peak osculation of 3Hz, i.e. the ground was shaking 3 times per second in a nice rhythmic motion. There are lulls in the signal between the songs and peaks in signal intensity during the songs."

If ever any more proof were needed that 2011 has belonged to the Foo Fighters, rounding it off by almost summoning a natural disaster is surely it.

Rich Chamberlain

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