Craig Blundell clinics announced



Craig Blundell is hitting the road for not one but two clinic tours.

The UK clinic favourite is playing the batch of shows with Rockschool in association with Music Sales and Roland.

You can see Craig on the following dates:

8 Nov - Musicroom, Bristol
9 Nov - Musicroom, Lincoln
10 Nov - Rae Macintosh, Edinburgh

As part of the clinics workshops Craig will be demonstrating the music available to learn in the Hot Rock Drums Grades 4 & 5 using the Roland TD-4 and TD-9 electric kits as well as the HD1 kit, Octapad and Handsonic.

Craig also has a run of clinics planned for next month. You can catch him on the following dates:

5 October: Bonnors, Eastbourne

8 October: Production Room, Leeds

12 October: Bell Percussion, London

22 October: GG Digital, Glasgow

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Rich Chamberlain

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