Buckcherry 'back in UK for Download and Sonisphere'



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With their set of classic rock headbangers, party anthems and singalong lyrics, Buckcherry are perhaps the perfect festival band. Which is just as well really, because they've got their sights on Download and Sonisphere this summer.

Drummer Xavier Muriel told us: "We're back in the UK in June for Download and Sonisphere and I think we'll do a club tour while we're back here. That takes back for more shows in the States and that takes us to this time next year!"

The sticksman also told us about his pride for the 'Cherry's latest record, All Night Long.

"We took a lot of time to get it right and write the songs write. We wrote while we were recording which really gave us the opportunity to fine tune things. As soon as we'd finished we hit the road, we've literally not stopped. We were constantly together so we were always changing and modifying. Then three weeks later it would be a finished song. It was crazy.

"I did all the drums myself, I tuned them myself. It was a landmark for me because I've always had a drum doctor come in. I'd set the kit up then they'd come in and change the heads and tune it and get tones. It wasn't like that this time. I'm a geek that way. I love that."

Rich Chamberlain

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