Adde Andreasson: Hardcore Superstar show is 'one big party'



Swedish sleaze rock kings Hardcore Superstar are back in the UK this week and we caught up with drummer Adde Andreasson to find out exactly what you can expect.

The 'Star are out on the road on the Dark Decadence tour with Crashdiet and 69 Eyes, and Adde seems to think multi-band packages are the way to go.

He explains: "People need to pay their bills. Musicians suffer because of illegal downloading and I think this is a good solution. For me it's great. I'm like a kid, I can see my favourite bands and play every night."

While the co-headline jaunt means the Swedes' set may be trimmed slightly, Adde reassured us that they'll still be plenty of anthems crammed into their 60 minutes,

"We're doing what we think is a greatest hits because we only have one hour to do our show. We rip out the singles and do some new songs."

"The new songs are so fun it play, it's like one big party. I squeeze in some drum fills here and there but I love the simplicity of the album."

Of course to bang out an hour's worth of Swedish sleaze a fairly substantial set-up is pretty much a must. Luckily Adde has no concerns there.

"I've got a Starclassic. It's a maple custom. They asked me if I wanted a bubinga but that's not my sound. I love the drums but it doesn't suit me as much as the thin shells I get with the maple kit. I use Meinl cymbals and I play mostly Byzance MB20s. My crash is a 22" Byzance extra thin ride. I've got a dark bell MB20 20" ride and a 20" MB20 and a 19" B20 crashes and then an 18" china."

Hardcore Superstar's UK tour continues in Bristol on 30 March.

Rich Chamberlain

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