A day in the life of Stix Zadinia

Rhythm caught up with Steel Panther´s Stix Zadinia backstage at their recent Brixton Academy show, where he gave us an insight into a typical day in his leopard print shoes.

11:00: I smoke first, brush second. Then I´ll consider taking a shower and play on my Xbox.

13:00 Then I´ll go play my drums. I just got a new kit from DW. We built two 23”x18” kicks and the 23” is the best sounding kick drum I´ve ever heard. I´ve got some shallow toms, a 12” and a 13”, 8” and 9” deep and then 16”x16” and 18”x18”.

14:00: After that I´ll come back and see if the girl has left, if she has I eat lunch, if she hasn´t I still eat lunch and hopefully she´ll be gone by then.

15:00: Then it´s more drums. I love being a drummer. I think it takes a certain personality to be a drummer. To want to be on stage but not want to be the guy that goes, ´Hey, look at me at all times,” just being there and knowing that you´re driving that rock‘n´roll bus. You guys are following me. I love that.

16:00 Next I play soccer. My grandfather and my father, that´s Pops Zadinia, are Tottenham fans. I don´t support any one team in particular. I´m not ready to commit, just like with my ladies.

18:00: Then it´s usually off to a show. A lot of celebrities come to our shows. It´s fun to watch people who are “cool” get onstage and be silly. Like watching Jessica Simpson trying to have sing-off with our singer. It´s brutal!

23:00: I have some drinks afterwards and then just go home with different ladies.

Chris Barnes

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