Ultimate Support MS-100 Speaker Stands review

  • £378
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Our Verdict

Highly recommended.


  • Sturdy, stylish and well-designed.


  • Nope.

These distinctive and stylish stands are a game of two halves combining the MS-100B speaker stand and 'available separately' MS-80 desktop monitor stand together.

The MS-100 hits the ground with three classic speaker spikes that can be shielded with rubber feet (supplied) and its sturdy metal construction is as solid a way to stop vibration as we've encountered. Brilliantly, the central column has three hollow cores for piping cables through without cluttering the view from your control chair.

The MS-80 (also available for £146) is a tough plastic baseplate with a thick stiff foam upper that sits on top. Again, there are hard spikes on the base and our 8" desktops were instantly shielded from fake bass during playback.

Its hidden USP is the hand-cranked dial that can tilt the speakers to point up at you from a desktop or tilt down to your listening position. A great duo and thoroughly recommended.

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