Tronsonic/Synth Magic System 1000M review

Riotous Kontakt synth emulation

  • £20
  • $30
This multi-sampled Kontakt instrument emulates Roland's classic System 100 modular synth

MusicRadar Verdict

A riotous, engaging retro synth that sounds great and is a true bargain.


  • +

    Good value. Fun to use. Great sounds.


  • -

    At this price, not much.

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A multisampled Roland System 100m modular synth for Konakt 5, System 1000M channels just under 500MB of captured waveforms into one of the more epic scripted Kontakt synth emulations we've encountered to date.

"One of the more epic scripted Kontakt synth emulations we've encountered to date"

With a single oscillator hosting fabulously wonky saw, triangle and pulse (square, narrow and wide) waves, a noise oscillator, and a single multimode filter to shove the results through, the raw materials might not seem like much; but with three LFOs and two envelopes bringing plenty of movement, System 1000M is big on modulation.

Envelope 1 even features a variable randomiser control for each stage, while below it awaits the global Random button, for instantly generating new patches. There's also a dual Interval section, enabling triple oscillator sounds, an arpeggiator and a couple of effects.

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