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MusicRadar Verdict

Sounds gorgeous, exhibiting the smoothness, tonal colouring and fabulous mid-range 'betterising' associated with the real thing.


  • +

    Stunning-sounding emulation.


  • -

    Nothing really.

A VST/AU/RTAS plug-in emulation of the famous API 560 console EQ, ClassicTone-560 is powered by impulse responses from an actual 560.

As visually unassuming as the original hardware, this 10-band graphic EQ offers preset load and save buttons, A/B comparison and output gain.

Of the band sliders, they're set an octave apart from each other andcan be cut or boosted by up to 12dB. The proportional Q design progressively narrows each band as the boost/cut isincreased, up to the sharpest slope of 12dB/octave.

ClassicTone-560 isn't meant forhigh-precision surgical frequency-tweaking, but rather for broad-spectrum adjustment of full mixes, drum busses, guitars, basses and other electric/acoustic instruments - all of which it handles with effortless musicality and cohesion.

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