Terratec DMX 6Fire USB review

  • £199
The DMX 6Fire USB has a variety of inputs and outputs.

MusicRadar Verdict

A good audio interface but it faces some stiff competition.


  • +

    Excellent sonic quality.


  • -

    A tad overpriced.

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Aimed at all kinds of users, from musicians to gamers, the DMX 6Fire USB packs quite a bit into its relatively small case.

Connectivity-wise, you've got a combi jack/XLR mic input with phantom power, instrument jack input with gain control, RCA out with gain control, headphone out, four analogue RCA inputs and six analogue RCA outputs, plus MIDI and S/PDIF ins and outs.

Sonically, the quality is very good, and the unit can operate all the way up to 192kHz/24-bit.

The only issues we had were with the oversized power supply plug (the unit is not bus-powered), which may cause problems if using a multi-point power strip, and the restricted number of latency settings (just four) via the ASIO driver.

Furthermore, RCA connectors won't suit all users, and we feel that the DMX 6Fire USB is a little overpriced, too. You can get a more capable model for a similar sum, but still, this remains a quality all-round audio interface. TerraTec also say that OS X drivers are on the way.

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