Selig Audio Selig Leveler review

Reason Rack dynamics processor

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Vocals are the prime objective, but Selig Leveler is also supremely successful on drums and acoustic guitars

MusicRadar Verdict

Sophisticated, powerful and highly recommended. We'd love to see a VST plugin version!


  • +

    Works well with a variety instruments. Ease of use.


  • -

    No VST plugin version.

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Developed in conjunction with Pitchblende (and previously known as The Curve), Selig Audio's debut Rack Extension is a dynamics processor designed for raising the RMS level of a signal without boosting its peak level or background noise.

"Selig Leveler is designed for raising the RMS level of a signal without boosting its peak level or background noise"

It does this by applying upward compression across a user-defined dynamic range - a simple Peak Level readout aids in the necessary calibration process of finding the quietest section of the source audio and setting a Target. From there, it's a simple job of setting the Recovery (release) time, Dry/Wet mix and make-up gain if required.

Selig Leveler's targeted compression concept is as effective as it is brilliantly simple, enabling a finer degree of levelling control than your average compressor. And while vocals are the prime objective, it's also supremely successful on drums, acoustic guitars and anything else with a high level of 'organic' dynamic variation. Sonically, we'd describe it as smooth and transparent, and it's also very easy to use.

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