Puremagnetik.com TeeBee review

Another Roland TB303 emulator to get to grips with, is there any point?

The TeeBee does a great job of emulating a TB303

MusicRadar Verdict

The TeeBee offers you a faithful recreation of the classic acid synth, but you'll need Live to make the most of it.


  • +

    A really authentic sounding TB303 emulation.


  • -

    Needs Ableton Live to get the best out of it. Subscription needed for download.

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You'll forgive us for not jumping up and down with joy when we heard there was going to be yet another Roland TB303 emulation on the market.

But all our scepticism soon melted away when we actually heard the TeeBee.

Puremagnetik have meticulously sampled an original TB303 and have done a pretty decent job capturing the sound of the classic acid synth.

One drawback is that you have to have Ableton's Sampler instrument to use the full version in Live, otherwise there's a Light version that works in Simpler.

To get your hands on TeeBee, you'll have to take Puremagnetik up on one of their subscription offers, but we're rather tempted.

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