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Prodipe STC-3D Ludovic Lanen review

  • £130
  • $348
The STC-3D is housed in a sturdy, attractive metal casing.

Our Verdict

We'd have no problem recommending this as an ideal inexpensive all-rounder.


  • Price; build quality; pleasant sounds.


  • Not much.

In a crowded microphone market it can be hard for a new, multi-pattern studio condenser to find a place.

But after trying it out we hope that the STC-3D breaks through. It's a well priced, well built, styled in a pleasingly chubby metal shell and bearing an endorsement from top French engineer Ludovic Lanen.

The STC-3D is remarkably full featured, with two capsules, allowing omni, cardioid and figure-of-eight with switchable pad and low filter too. Tests of vocals and electric guitar produced pleasingly warm and predictable results.

Editor-in-chief, Tech Group