Prodipe 3000 Series Headphones review

Can these 'do-it-all' cans really do it all?

  • £46
  • €59
The 3000 series come in a variety of colours, including all black, white and a black/red affair

MusicRadar Verdict

Though you wouldn't want to rely on them for mixing, the 3000 Series are ideal for monitoring.


  • +

    Great for monitoring. Comfortable to wear in the studio and on the street.


  • -

    Lack of presence means they're not suited to mixing.

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French manufacturer Prodipe has released a new range of headphones, the 3000 series.

"We found them perfect for general monitoring duties"

Claimed to be do-it-all cans that you can feel comfortable wearing in the studio and on the street, the 3000 series come in a variety of colours, including all black, super-pimping white and a black/red affair, which look like the least desirable.

They are 32 ohm, with a none too shabby frequency response of 15Hz-22kHz, and 40mm drivers.

The styling is pretty standard and, whilst you wouldn't mind wearing them out and about, they don't feature a removable cable and won't fold down into a bag-friendly shape either.

We wouldn't trust them for mixing duties due to a lack in presence and they seem a bit heavy in the mid-range, but we found them perfect for general monitoring duties.

Simon Arblaster
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