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Up the punks!

  • $399

Our Verdict

It's not an essential bit of kit, and it's very pricey, but it fills its niche well.


  • Does its job well.


  • Not essential. Expensive for what it is.

PEDALpUNK comes from US musician and producer Scott Eric Olivier.

It's described as an analogue interface for connecting guitar effects pedals to a computer, although the 'interface' part of that is perhaps a little misleading as it doesn't handle any A/D conversion.

In fact, the device is closer to a DI box that's specifically designed for use with effects pedals. Similar to something like Pigtronix Keymaster, it's main use is converting an unbalanced signal into a balanced one in order to maintain audio quality between an analogue effects loop and an audio interface.

It offers a single XLR/1/4-inch jack input, and separate XLR and 1/4-inch jack outputs for connection to a computer or recording device. On the other side there are 1/4-inch Send and Return connections.

On the top panel you get level controls for the Send and Return, along with a Focus knob, which adjusts the impedance of the signal at the Send jack. There's also a switch for reversing signal polarity.

In all, it's a handy tool for those wanting to run sounds through stomp boxes without the worry of unnecessary background noise. Conversely though, when pushed, the pedal has a secondary function of acting as a nicely warm distortion effect.